Why Do The Food In The Regrigerator Still Deteriorate So Quickly ?

Preserve Food Properly

  • Store leafy  vegetables loosely  wrapped in plastic bags
  • Store meats in original packaging. Once meat is opened, rewrap tightly in plastic wrap or aluminium foil
  • Store pungent fruits such as mangos and durians in plastic bags

Separate Fresh Food Storage

  1. Ethylene is a gas that cause ripening of fruits and vegetables
  2. To reduce spoilage, separate ethylene-producing food from those that are ethylene-sensitive
    • ethylene-producing food (e.g. apples, tomatoes, pears)
    • ethylene-sensitive food (e.g bananas, cabbages, eggplants)

You may also consider,

Whirpool FreshFlow Produce Preserver

  • To keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables longer
  • To absorb the ethylene gas in the fridge and keep your fresh for 25% longer