Our Company

Our Family

Work as a family : The passionate and results-oriented staff at Sukses Jaya Group holds themselves to the highest standards, which means all employees are trained by the best. Generous and insightful staff help create a vibrant workplace full of diverse backgrounds and experiences with a common thread of love for kitchen and home.

Brighten Your Future : Sukses Jaya Group is a fast-moving and dynamic company that welcomes and encourages employees to grow in their careers. There are opportunities within our stores as well as our corporate offices that will help to develop your skills, and your teamwork.

Blend with Community : Sukses Jaya Group isn’t just a store – our customers turn to us for expertise and advice. Our stores are built to reflect the local community through cooking classes, store social media, local artisans, and book signings with chefs and authors.

Enjoy and love to work : Creating a happy, healthy work environment is a priority at Sukses Jaya Group. Inspiring colleagues, through the very best products and employee-centric events such as trainings, cooking classes, contests and recognition programs create a culture that’s fun, authentic and entirely unique to Sukses Jaya Group.

Send your CV and resume : career@mykitchenart.com