Ariston Cooks To Perfection

Ariston Was First Designed And Built By One Of Europe’s Largest Home Appliances Company

Ariston was first designed and built by one of Europe’s largest home appliances company, which soon became Italy’s favorite and trusted home appliances brand. With 45 years history of successful innovation, Ariston continued to offer and achieve exceptional award winning results – they offer far more than just style, on top of a 5-year warranty on all cooking appliances. More than that, Ariston oven comes in a standard built in space of 20% extra capacity of 81 liters – inside a standard 60 cm external dimensions. A true technology by nature, Ariston offers 10 cooking functions with an automatic self-cleaning cycle, while also considering energy saving for environmental protection. Its award winning designs allow us to cook inside high quality glass that performs ecologically and professionally.

Ariston patented its exclusive technological innovation, the Dual Flow System that gives totally even results at all stages of cooking. The fan located inside the cavity creates two separate airflows to eliminate cooking hotspots. This exclusive Dual Flow System is a device that uses dual channeling of the air from the chimney and the ventilation fan to guarantee that uniform warm air circulates and keeps the temperature of the oven door lower than conventional ovens. A true superiority when it comes to safety, especially with children around. Cold air collected from around the oven is drawn in by the fan to then be divided into two flows, first flow pushes it out of the oven while the second flow in a parallel channel passes inside the door and cool it before exiting through a deflector in the bottom of the oven. The innovative technology circulates heat in all direction of the oven whilst the electronic control, which manages the cooking cycles, keeps the heat constant. The results are just as expected: perfect cooking and aesthetical throughout every piece.