Built-in Electric Oven 45Cm Series MPKA103XS

Rp. 33,300,000

Rp 22,644,000

Installment 3 Months Rp. 7,548,000 /Months
Installment 6 Months Rp. 3,774,000 /Months
Installment 12 Months Rp. 1,887,000 /Months
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Brief Detail
  • Built-In Oven 45 Cm series, 12 Multifunction Program
  • Fast Clean Pyrolitic Cleaning System
  • 12 Cooking Programs:
    - 4 Intelligent Programmes: Chicken, Beef, Fish, Biscuits
    - 8 Standard Programmes: Defrost, Full Grill, Half Grill, Turbo Grill, Fan Cooking, Convection, Bottom Heat+Fan, Combined Heat 
  • LCD Display with touch control
  • Tangential Ventilation System

Product Description

  • General Information
  • Built-In Oven 45 Cm series, 12 Multifunction Program
  • 38 Ltr Capacity
  • Stainless Steel/Black
  • Features & Accessories
  • Fast Clean Pyrolitic Cleaning System
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • 12 Cooking Programs:
    - 4 Intelligent Programmes: Chicken, Beef, Fish, Biscuits
    - 8 Standard Programmes: Defrost, Full Grill, Half Grill, Turbo Grill, Fan Cooking, Convection, Bottom Heat+Fan, Combined Heat 
  • 1 Grid, 1 Tray
  • Aesthetics & Safety
  • LCD Display with touch control
  • Tangential Ventilation System
  • Fan Assisted Cooking System
  • Interior Light
  • Digital Timer
  • 3 Layers Ventilated Glass Door
  • Automatic Lock System
  • Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel
  • Efficiency
  • Energy Class A


Ariston has designed ovens delivering unique performance, which give you free rein to your desire to try things out, letting you express your creativity in the kitchen. With excellent and always repeatable results. Perfect cooking, on the inside and the outside of the food, enhancing flavor and fragrance in every recipe.


Ariston appliances are ergonomic, silent, intuitive and safe, and offer intelligent solutions and maximum comfort in every room in the home. Soberly sophisticated style, ecological responsibility and constant commitment to quality and innovation: Ariston appliances for washing and looking after clothes, cleaning tableware, preserving and cooking food fully re?ect the unique personality of every home and every room, whilst guaranteeing the highest standards of ef?ciency, lower consumption levels and excellent performance.


The exclusive Dual Flow System is a device which uses the dual channelling of the air from the chimney and the ventilation fan to ensure uniform warm air circulation and keep the temperature of the oven door lower than traditional ovens, for increased safety, particularly in the presence of children. Cold air collected from around the oven and drawn in by the fan is divided into two flows. The first extracts warm air from the chimney and pushes it out of the oven. The second airflow, in a parallel channel, passes inside the door, cooling it, and then exits via a deflector located below.


Ariston ovens boast energy consumption which is 20% lower than the current class A, an exceptional result achieved thanks to Ariston's continuing commitment to protect the environment. Thanks to the electronic control of the heating elements and fans, to the fan cooling system and the improved cavity insulation, Ariston ovens offer up to 0.63 kWh energy consumption, the lowest in their category.


Sensitive to changing trends in contemporary design, Ariston has resized its ovens, further enhancing both their appearance and functionality. Ariston has managed to reduce the gap between its oven doors and its oven frames to just 4 mm, reducing the annoying flow of warm air out of the oven. This innovation has also meant that we have been able to review the dimensions of our oven doors. The new Luce ovens have doors which are 482.5 mm high, compared to the 460 mm doors of the ovens in the previous range, an increase which has been achieved by reducing the control panel by almost 3 cm. The larger door and the reduction of the steel frame mean that cooking progress can be easily monitored on all shelves in the oven, including the top shelf, which is often difficult to see.


Using the manual programmes, it is possible to change the pre-set temperature between 40C and 250C according to your choice and cooking experience. Ariston ovens also allow to cook at low temperatures: a professional way of cooking to create healthy, light and tasty dishes.


The inner door made from reinforced tempered glass offers a smooth surface, free from tiny openings or gaps in which dirt or grease tend to deposit, making cleaning easier and more efficient. The inner door also offers a safe rest surface when checking cooking progress or removing the dripping pan or the grill. NUMBERED LEVELS: The levels on which the dripping pan and the grill are placed are numbered, so you can be sure that these items are correctly positioned during the cooking of specific recipes or dishes.


Ariston has equipped its ovens with state-of-the-art safety devices, which mean that they are always safe to use. Thanks to the Dual Flow System, the oven door never reaches a high temperature, during standard cooking, the door temperature will never be higher than 35°, and during the self-cleaning programme it remains at 60°, some 10° lower than models with traditional ventilation systems. For increased safety, Ariston ovens are equipped with a door lock, a device which prevents accidental and potentially dangerous opening of the oven door. The control panel may also be locked, preventing the modification of the cooking settings.


The cavities of Ariston ovens are grey, a lighter colour which improves visibility inside the oven during cooking, making it easier to check the progress of your dishes.


At Ariston, we work hard to ensure we can offer our customers a range of aesthetically pleasing solutions to meet the diverse needs of a multitude of domestic environments. We offer a coordinated range of appliances, contemporary designs, based on the intelligent use of high-quality materials, accurate detailing, innovative lines and state-of-the-art technical performance. Domestic appliances for those who are passionate about their homes.


The quality, technology and aesthetics of Ariston’s ovens are the result of the most innovative know-how and the most elegant and carefully thought up designs, brought together in the highest quality materials. Ariston’s ovens bring together the purity of glass and the re?ned style of steel, for a simple look which coordinates easily with your other domestic appliances.


Ariston always considers energy saving as a fundamental deal for the environmental protection. The assumption of latest technologies permits to monitor continuously the environmental impact, all through the production chain, reducing the consumption of electric energy, natural gas and water and decreasing the CO 2 emission and the amount of waste generated during different stages of production.


Full Product Specification

Brand Ariston
Category Built-in Oven 45Cm series
Product Code 80287
Product Model MPKA103XS
Description Multifunction 12 Program
Capacity 38 Ltr
Material/Color Stainless Steel/Black
Energy Class A
Origin Italy
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm NA
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm 45.8 x 59.5 x 54.5
Cut-Out Dimension (H x W x D) cm 45.0 x 56.0 x 55.0
Net Weight (Kg)  NA
Gross Weight (Kg)  38
Twin Oven/Single Oven Single
Total Cooking Programs 12 Programs: Barbecue, Tarts, Cakes, Fish, Gratin, Multilevel, Bread, Pastries, Pizza, Roast meat, Defrosting, Traditional
Upper Programs NA
Lower Programs NA
Divider NA
Adjustable Grill NA
Grid Guide Stainless Steel Guide
Fan Asisted Cooking Yes
Max Power Absorbed/Ampere 15.4A
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/50HZ
Control System Touch Control
Cleaning System Pyrolytic
Oven Interior Lamp Yes, Halogen
Door Lamp No
Soft Closing System NA
Ignition System NA
Timer Digital Graphic Display
Anti Finger Print Yes
Oven Accessories Drop Down
Rotisserie/Tumspit Yes
Meat Probe NA
Number of Shelf Position NA
Cavity Color Grey
Opening Door Typology Drop Down
Oven Flame Failure Device NA
Tangential/Cooling Fan Yes
Grease Filter NA
Safety Door Lock Yes
Number of Oven Door Glasses 3
Oven Door Material Heat Reflective Crystal Tempered Glass
Removable Oven Door NA
Removable Inner Glass Panel NA
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
*Spesification subject to change without prior notice

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