La Germania
Built In Gas Hob 90Cm P9101G9X

Rp. 20,453,125

Rp 13,908,125

Installment 3 Months Rp. 4,636,042 /Months
Installment 6 Months Rp. 2,318,021 /Months
Installment 12 Months Rp. 1,159,010 /Months
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Brief Detail
  • 90 Cm Gas hob
  • 5 Gas Burners Including Central Triple Ring Burner
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Metal knobs
  • Ceramic Glass with Alumunium Frame

Product Description

  • Performance & Safety
  • 90 Cm Gas Hob
  • 5 Gas burners including central triple ring burner
  • Electric Ignition
  • One Hand Electric Ignition
  • Safety Device
  • High Precision Adjustment
  • Aesthetics & Durability
  • Defendi Burners
  • Matt Enamelled Burner Cap
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Metal Knobs
  • Wok Adapter
  • Ceramic Glass with Alumunium Frame


In the mid-19th century, the railway was built connecting Parma in Emilia-Romagna with Austria and Germany. On the way, it passed through Guastalla, home of the Bertazzonis. The trains were equipped with the latest wood-burning stoves from the north. These stoves set local weighing- machine maker Francesco Bertazzoni to thinking. The trains were equipped with the latest wood-burning stoves from the north. These stoves set local weighing- machine maker Francesco Bertazzoni to thinking.


Bertazzoni's home is Guastalla, near Parma in the region of Emilia-Romagna. This is the Po Valley, the great fertile plain at the heart of Italian agriculture once known as 'the bread basket of the Roman Empire'. From here comes the food that gives Italian cooking its distinctive and delectable qualities so famed around the world.


In 1953, Bertazzoni introduced its first gas table-top units and production of the new gas stoves began in 1955, further perfected in 1958 with the addition of an oven. By the late 1980s demand for La Germania brand stoves was booming. Large modern plants were built in the 1990s as expansion continued.


Advanced production techniques at the Bertazzoni’s factory in Italy increase energy eficiency and reduce pollution. They also ensure materials are reused and recycled.


Gas control knobs are designed with integrated one- hand ignition. This makes operating the cooker easier and more practical.


A continuous grating design on most models makes it easy to slide pots across from one burner to another. Pan support materials are cast iron on top models or thick section enamel.

Full Product Specification

Brand La Germania
Category Built In Gas Hob 90Cm
Product Code NA
Product Model P910 1 G9 X
Description Built In Gas Hob 90Cm
Material/Color Black Glass and Stainless Steel Frame
Origin Italy
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm 18 X 96 X 58
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm 4.8 X 86 X 50.2
Cut-Out Dimension (H x W x D) cm 83 X 48
Net Weight (Kg)  22.5
Gross Weight (Kg)  25
Direct Flame NA
Burners 5 Defendi Aluminium
Left Zone Semi Rapid 1.75 kw, Semi Rapid 1.75 kw
Center Zone Triple Crown 4 kw
Right Zone Rapid 4 kw, Auxiliary 1 kw
Gas Type LPG/LNG
Power Level NA
Flexy Zones NA
Power Booster NA
Max Power Absorbed/Ampere 1 Amp
Voltage / Frequency 220-240V/50-60Hz
Ignition One Touch Under Knob
Digital Control NA
Touch Control NA
Wok Holder Included
Indicator NA
Knobs Alumunium Alloy
Control Knobs High Precision Adjustment
Number of Pan Support 3
Pan Support Material NA
Burners Caps Heavy Gauge Matt Enamelled
Bevelled / Stainless stell Frame Cast Iron
Safety Device Yes
Glass Thickness NA
Glass Material NA
Child Lock NA
Residual Heat Indicator NA
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
*Spesification subject to change without prior notice

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Rp 765,625

Rp 520,625

Rp 43,385 x 12 Bln

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